Florida Skin Divers Association
2015 USA National Spearfishing Championship Results
The member clubs of the Florida Skin Divers Association take great pride in hosting the 2015 USA National Spearfishing Championships at historic Tarpon Springs, FL on August 3-7, 2015.The rich Gulf of Mexico waters off Tarpon Springs were the site of previous USOA National Spearfishing championships in 2001 and 1974.

Congratulations to our new 2015 National Spearfishing Champions!
 Your new National Spearfishing Champions are:

 2015 Men's National Spearfishing Champion- Jason Wetmore
 2015 National Spearfishing Team Champion-FSDA 2 (Ritchie Zacker, Charles Domson, Kevin Sakuda)
2015 Women's National Spearfishing  Champion-Aubi Martinez
 2015 National Spearfishing Mixed Doubles Champion- FSDA Mixed 1 (TA Martinez, Aubi Martinez)
  2015 National Spearfishing Championship Largest Fish-Matthew Brueckner
 2015 National Spearfishing Champion Novice Diver-Jason Wetmore
 2015 National Spearfishing Champion Master Diver- Jose Santeiro
 2015 National Spearfishing All American Team- Ritchie Zacker, Kevin Sakuda, Charles Domson, Jason Wetmore, Andrew Geist

Medalists for Top Spearfishing Teams were:
First Place Men's Team-Ritchie Zacker, Charles Domson, Kevin Sakuda
 Second Place Men's Team-Jason Wetmore, Pit Gills, Ed Walker
 Third Place Men's Team-Andrew Geist, Fabricio Bueno, Scott Turgeon

The medalists for Men's Individual Spearfishing were:
 1st place- Jason Wetmore
 2nd place- Ritchie Zacker
 3rd Place- Charles Domson

The medalists for Top Spearfishing Mixed Doubles (man/woman) were:
 1st Place-Aubi Martinez, TA Martinez
 2nd Place-Nicole Burko, Alex Bristol
 3rd Place- Rosibel Molina, Pablo Edo

The Women's Individual Spearfishing medalists were:
 1st Place-Aubi Martinez
 2nd Place-Rosibel Molina
 3rd Place- Nicole Burko