Florida Skin Divers Association
2016 West Coast Council Tournaments
The West Coast Council (WCC) Spearfishing Tournament Series
Sponsored by FSDA, the WCC is an inter-club tournament of the member clubs of the Florida Skin Divers Association in which spearfishers compete against each other as well as bragging rights for top club honors.  These one-day tournaments culminate at the boat ramps listed below for the weigh-in which includes food, fish tales and  friendship between fellow divers. 
WCC #1 - May21, 2016 weigh-in at Anclote Boat Ramp
WCC #2 - June 18, 2016 weigh-in at Ft. DeSoto Park Boat Ramp
WCC #3 - July 16, 2016 weigh-in at Seminole Boat Ramp
Rain date #1 August 13, 2016
Rain date #2 September 17, 2016