Florida Skin Divers Association
2017 WCC Series Tournament
FSDA West Coast Council
TOURNEY #1 is complete. Scroll to bottom for results.
2017 Spearfishing Tournament Rules and Waiver - download pdf below
Tourney    Sponsor Club(s)/Location                         Date
#1            DEALS/HOGS  (Anclote Ramp)             Saturday,  24 June, 2017 *** event complete.
#2            BUNNIES/TBSC  (Seminole Ramp)       Saturday,  15 July, 2017
#3            SPUC/SUC  (Ft. DeSoto Ramp)             Saturday,  16 September, 2017
Rain #1    Rain Date  (Location TBA)    Saturday,  30 September, 2017
Rain #2    Rain Date  (Location TBA)                    Saturday,  14 October, 2017
Tourneys are $25 each, or $50 for all three. PayPal button is below. You DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. You can use your card without signing up.

6/22/17 - RULE CHANGES*********************************
Added to the Rules- 2 items
Eligibility:  All competitors must be members of a FSDA Club and current FSDA members.
Individuals who are not members of a FSDA club may enter as independents for one
tournament only, unless the clubs authorize more dives by a vote. Independents are
eligible for single event trophies and for yearend trophies. If a participant joins a WCC club none of their points accrued while shooting as an independent will count towards that club’s season club point total.

Tournament times: Saturday Dawn to 6:00 PM.
Early registered Divers: Divers registered electronically, or by postal service, by 6PM the evening before the tournament, are classified as early registered divers. Early registered divers are allowed to depart Saturday at 12:01 AM and begin diving at dawn.

2017_WCC_Rules_Waiver final.pdf
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WCC 1 Results. Thanks to all who helped and participated!
There are three lists below. First is shooter standing based on aggregate points.
Second is Big Fish trophy winners.
Third is club ranking, which is calculated by totaling the top ten club member scores for each tournament.
​WCC 1 Finish
Place - Shooter Name - Club - Total Points
1 Bryan Anderson SPUC 141.3
2 Trey Stickland SPUC 140.65
3 Melody Engle Sea Bunnies 136.42
4 Justin Setchell SPUC 127.7
5 Brent Kempton SPUC 122.6
6 Chad Herrald SPUC 121.55
7 Denny O'Hern SPUC 102.85
8 Scott hooker SPUC 102.2
9 Austin Cave Seals 85.85
10 Charlie Corson SPUC 84.05
11 Lance Ham Seals 68.2
12 Will Webster Seals 67.1
13 Chuck Saussey Seals 65.95
14 Tom Morris Seals 64.25
15 Gary Dombrowski Seals 59.6
16 Charlie Barnes SPUC 56.8
17 Mike Garrity Hogs 53.15
18 Skip Long Seals 46.35
19 Doug Litrell Seals 40.05
20 Jim Bourland Hogs 39.8
21 Terrence Sterrett Seals 35.2
22 Larry Pesek Seals 33.5
​23 Zack Richardson Hogs 32.7
24 Christopher Prokop Seals 31.05
25 Roger Jones Seals 28.8
DNWF Heidi Thoricht Sea Bunnies
DNWF James Ware TBSC
DNWF Jeff Dupree Seals
DNWF Jeryy Guerra SPUC
DNWF Mike Miller Hogs
DNWF Peggy Gatliff Sea Bunnies
DNWF Tony Gatlilff Independent

​West Coast Council Tourney #1 Big Fish Trophy Winners
Diver - Club - Big Fish - Weight
Austin Cave  Seals Grouper 14.75
Doug Litrell  Seals   Hog 15.4
Tom Morris  Seals   Shp/Por/Grt  1.6
Austin Cave  Seals Snapper       6.25
Skip Long  Seals Cobia         51.6
No Entries Mackerel
No Entries Lobster

CLUB RANKING Based on aggregate score of top ten divers in each club.
Club Standings (top 10 divers total points)
#1 SPUCS 999.7
#2 SEALS 566.05
#3 SEA BUNNIES 136.42
#4 HOGS 125.65