​2015 FSDA Florida State U/W Photo & Video Championships

The FSDA 2015 Florida State U/W Photo & Video Contest was held in conjunction with Reef Monitoring Inc. and the Guy Harvey Lionfish Safari.  Winners and prizes were announced on Sunday September 13, 2015 at Guy Harvey Outpost in St. Pete Beach Florida. 

2015 ​Photo & Video Winners

1st Place 
Marco Photo – Judy Townsend – “Reflection”
Lionfish Photo – Ryan Nelson – “Lion Sleeps Tonight”
Wide-Angle Photo – Mike Miller – “Friends”
UW Video – Diane Randolph – “Net of Wonder”

2nd Place
Marco Photo – Anne Hill – “It’s a Dad’s Job”
Lionfish Photo – Heidi Thoricht – “Tiny Juvenile Lionfish”
Wide-Angle Photo – Ryan Nelson – “Opulence and Wisdom”
UW Video – Courtland Hunt – “Greenish-Blue…a Florida Saltwater Obsession”

3rd Place
Marco Photo – Mike Miller – “Creature of the Night”
Lionfish Photo – Judy Townsend – “Here’s Looking at You”
Wide-Angle Photo – Ruth Kisco – “Logger-Head Turtle”
UW Video – Carlos Monson-Aguirre – “Breathe U/W”​

Honorable Mention
Marco Photo – Ruth Kisco – “Scorpion Fish”
Lionfish Photo – Seth Pikal – “Lionfish”
Wide-Angle Photo – Judy Townsend – “Mating Green Turtles”
UW Video – Mary Ann Hicks – “Florida Diving Diversity”​

Thanks to all our 2015 ​Sponsors!

​We absolutely could not pull off this event without the tremendous  generosity of our sponsors. Thanks to each of you for the support of diving, underwater imaging and the removal of invasive Lionfish. 
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2015 ​Winning Photos & Videos

1st Place Marco Photo – Judy Townsend – “Reflection”

1st Place Lionfish Photo - Ryan Nelson - "Lion Sleeps Tonight"
1st Wide-Angle Photo- Mike Miller - "Friends"

2nd Place Marco Photo – Anne Hill – “It's a Dad's Job”

2nd Place Lionfish Photo – Heidi Thoricht – “Tiny Juvenile Lionfish”

2nd Place Wide-Angle Photo – Ryan Nelson – “Opulence and Wisdom”

3rd Place Macro Photo – Mike Miller – “Creature of the Night

3rd Lionfish Photo – Judy Townsend – “Here's Looking at You”

3rd Place Wide-Angle Photo – Ruth Kisco – “Logger-Head Turtle”

Honorable Mention – Ruth Kisco – “Scorpion Fish”

Honorable Mention Lionfish Photo – Seth Pikal – “Lionfish”

Honorable Mention Wide-Angle – Judy Townsend – “Mating Green Turtles”