UPDATE: The Super Series of Spearfishing is canceled for 2020 due to COVID-19

The Super-Series of Spearfishing was developed to recognize the top spearfisher in the State of Florida. Participants must be members of the FSDA in order to compete in the Super Series of Spearfishing, which is comprised of 4 individual tournaments.
The participants in each of the four tournaments will be awarded points based on their placement in each of the tournaments. After the last tournament, all points will be tallied to determine the winner of the Super Series.
Participants must be a member of the FSDA to be ranked in the Super Series tournament (FSDA membership is only $20).

Winner of the Super-Series of Spearfishing will be recognized at the Florida Skin Divers Association's 2021 annual banquet.
The four tournaments are:
Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge
Southern Open
St. Pete Open

West Coast Council Series