Tampa Bay Spearfishing Club

 The Tampa Bay Spearfishing Club  (TBSC) was formed in 2002 with the goal of promoting and sharing the knowledge of safe and competent spearfishing, while establishing a venue for spearfishermen to network with others who enjoy the sport. The TBSC is a charter member of the Florida Skin Diving Association (FSDA) and are active members of the dive community. TBSC members pride themselves in participating and volunteering in FSDA competition and charitable events.  Last year, the TBSC raised a significant amount of money for the FRA- a powerful advocate for fishermen's rights, and for Dive Care Military Wounded which provides specialized dive training, skills and confidence for wounded veterans and disabled Floridians. We also supported charities such as the America Cancer Society.
Finally, TBSC members are highly involved in state and national fisheries management and are active in promoting legislation that affects the dive and spearfishing community.‚Äč